Cleaning Services in Baton Rouge, Broussard, Lafayette and New Orleans, LA

Cleaning Services in Baton Rouge, Broussard, Lafayette and New Orleans, LA

As with any home project, if it's worth doing, it's worth doing it right; and when The Maids of Louisiana are hired to clean your home, they do it right every time. But it isn't just clean the team is striving for; they also want to ensure your home's environment is healthy, so they use The Maids Healthy Touch® 22 steps Deep Cleaning System to ensure it is done right.

If you are the type of homeowner who appreciates a thoroughly cleaned home, The Maids of Louisiana, serving New Orleans, Broussard, Lafayette, and Baton Rouge, is the right company for you. Uniformed, professional cleaning teams will provide you with the cleanest, healthiest living environment possible.

Using environmentally safe cleaning products and state-of-the-art equipment, the four-person crew follows the 22-step process to ensure every home they clean meets your high expectations. Our 22 step process includes:

The Kitchen

  • The Sink
    Thoroughly cleaned sinks may look clean but can still harbor germs. The Maids embark on a cleaning expedition to make sure all of the germs are gone and none are left hiding in even the smallest of crevices.

  • Appliance exteriors
    Often the showcase of a home's kitchen and today's appliance surfaces often show off smudges and fingerprints like never before. When The Maids service is finished with the exterior of your appliances, they will add to the visual appeal of your kitchen

    One area many homeowners miss or ignore is the inside of the microwave. This can be an unpleasant experience for some residents, but The Maids will get inside of your appliance for a thorough cleaning.

    Cleaning the top of your range can be a dirty, greasy job, but using their green cleaners, they will make all of the grease go away. It often attracts dirt and can make the whole kitchen appear dirty. Once The Maids is done with the range top, it will look as new as possible.

  • Cabinet doors
    Another area to which kitchen oil and grease is attracted, bringing dust and debris with it. Wiping down the cupboard doors will seem to add new life to your kitchen, removing grease and other buildup, making them squeaky clean.

  • Countertops
    Another area of the kitchen that attracts dirt, dust and grease and, no matter how often you clean them, they seem less than perfect. Using green products that kill bacteria, The Maids clean every part of your countertops for your family's health and safety.

    Your kitchen is the most-used room in the house, and the kitchen floor receives the most traffic, making it a breeding ground for germs. Hand washing the kitchen floor will ensure a fresh clean and result in a healthier environment for your kitchen.

  • Dishwasher
    Dirty dishes left in the sink or on the counter will be loaded into your dishwasher since it is easier to clean those areas when they are not blocked by dirty dishes. One less thing you have to worry about.

  • Hard to reach places
    The Maids will clean surfaces that many other companies usually miss. They will thoroughly clean the top of your refrigerator, under your beds and will even use a brush on tile grout. They get down on their hands and knees to make sure your floors are clean and healthy as well.

  • Windows
    If you look out the kitchen sink window and have trouble with the view, The Maids will make sure your view isn't blocked by dirty glass. They will make sure that window is as clean as the rest of the kitchen.

All Rooms

Staying organized can be difficult, especially in busy households and The Maids will help out by picking up and straightening out everything on the flat surfaces. This also allows them to dust and clean under the items and not around them.

  • Window sills, ledges and wall hangings
    Convenient gathering places for dust. The Maids will make sure they leave no surface undusted to keep your house clean to your standards.

  • Vacuumed Carpets
    When The Maids vacuum your carpets, they will vacuum the whole carpet, including the edges where it meets the wall and any heavy furniture.

  • Carpeted Stairs
    Another inviting place for dirt and dust. When they vacuum ,they will hit every step as well, including the edges where dust hides the most.

  • Under the Beds
    If you haven't looked under the beds lately, wait until The Maids is done vacuuming there. The dust that builds up under a bed is surprising and by waiting until they are done allows you to see your clean floor instead of the dust. Unlike some other cleaning crews The Maids will also change the linens and make your bed, giving you one less thing to worry about on the morning of their arrival.

  • Home Furniture
    An area The Maids gives close attention and they will leave no dust behind when they dust and vacuum your furniture.

  • Trash Cans
    The Maids are there to do all the dirty work, including the trash. They will empty the trash cans and replace any liners they might contain.

The Bathroom

The Maids will take extra care to ensure your bathroom is clean and healthy, and they replace your towels with clean ones.

  • Toilets
    Cleaning toilets, tubs and shower stalls is something most homeowners put off, but The Maids will attack them, removing soap scum, stains and any other buildup you may have on those surfaces.

  • Bathroom Floors
    Bathroom floors hold many different types of germs and The Maids will work hard to disinfect the entire floor making sure they are not only clean, but healthy for your family as well.

  • Windows
    Windows in your front door or patio doors can leave a bad first impression on visitors and, as part of the 22 step cleaning process, The Maids will thoroughly clean the window in the front door as well as one set of patio door glass.