Additional House Cleaning Services in Baton Rouge, Broussard, Lafayette and New Orleans, LA

Additional House Cleaning Services in Baton Rouge, Broussard, Lafayette and New Orleans, LA

The Maids of Louisiana are best known for our four-person teams that leave behind a clean, healthy environment in every home we visit. What we may not be as well known for are the specialized services we offer that lie outside of a home cleaning contract.

For example, the company's 22-step Healthy Touch® Deep Cleaning System includes windows in your entry doors, one set of patio door windows and the window over your kitchen sink. There are most likely more windows in your home, and The Maids of Louisiana are capable of making them all sparkle, inside and out. Our teams are specially trained to clean your windows and can take some of that drudgery off your shoulders.

Same-Day Service

Getting ready for a big party or family gathering requires a lot of planning and preparation, and thoroughly cleaning your house may be one aspect of planning that is overlooked. Calling in The Maids for a last-minute effort can take off the pressure when you suddenly realize your home may not be as clean as you would like it to be. None of your guests need to know that you called in professional help to make your home spotless for the function.

Move-Out Cleaning Services

Moving out of a home or apartment is tough enough, and once all of your belongings have been moved to your new home, you may still need to go back and perform one last clean to your old place. You can call on The Maids to come in and do that cleaning for you, freeing up your time to start putting things away in your new home. Come to think of it, you can also call on The Maids to clean your new residence before you move in.

The Maids of Louisiana offer a wide range of special cleaning projects, such as wall cleaning, refrigerator cleaning and wood panel cleaning that can help make your home look its best. If you have any special projects you need to address, we're more than happy to explain our services and how they can benefit you and your home.